My First Ever Blog Post!

Hello Lovelies,

My name is Chloe and today I’ve decided to start my blog… I would like to make this small space on the internet a positive place where ideas and thoughts can be shared surrounding a variety of different topics.

I’m planning on focusing my blog around lots of different areas in the hope that there will be something for everyone. I really enjoy beauty, make-up and food! But I would also like to talk about lifestyle and mental health. I would be interested in knowing what any of you reading this would like me to write about or review?

I am very new to all of this but blogging has been something i have wanted to start for a while now, and i feel i have the confidence now to start something and make it my own.

Reviews are something i am interested in doing as part of my blog as i believe i can give my opinions on different products honestly which i think is important.

Another reason why i wanted to start a blog is because i am really into photography. By creating blog posts i hope it will inspire me creatively and i wish to improve on my skills and show them off on here. As photography is a big passion of mine, i think this is the best place to showcase it.

I hope that if you’re reading this you will come along with me on this new journey. I would love to hear about things you would like me to talk about in the comments section down below!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xx


13 thoughts on “My First Ever Blog Post!

  1. We’re new too! We don’t have twitter though just WordPress and insta. I love photography too! I can’t wait to see what you have in store next for your blog. It’s been a learning curve so far for us but then we are only
    3 posts in so far. / anna x

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