What’s in my handbag

I bought this handbag is from a brand called Fiorelli, i really like them as a brand becuase of the simplicity of their bags. I like to have a sturdy but classic handbag that i know will last a while but will not go out of fashion. I really love this particular bag and i think it can become a statement piece that you can put together with any outfit becuase of it rich colour and gold accents. I use this bag for when I’m going out and I don’t need to carry much as it isn’t very big.



The first thing in my bag is my purse, which i use daily.  The thing I like most about this purse is the gold accent it has across the opening, I think it makes the purse look more sleek.

Hand cream

This is definitely the best hand cream I have tried, it’s made by palmers and it’s a great size becuase it’s not too big so it fits into smaller bags easlily. I also adore the smell of this cream, this might have something to do with me being obsessed with coconut! It leaves my hands feeling really soft and doesn’t take too long to sink in.



The next thing i keep in my handbag has to be a mirror. This little mirror is great to throw into my handbag because its small (and also very cute) it was given to me by a friend as part of a birthday present and i believe it was bought from a little independent shop in a small town close to where i live. Its great to use for makeup touch ups if you’re about and about.



I always keep a pen and a notepad somewhere in my handbag, the reason being is that if I’m on the go and i need to jot something down quickly like a phone number or some information its easy and quick. I received this notepad at christmas and i love how pretty it looks when it catches the light. As this jotter is A6 its perfect to keep inside a handbag.


Lip balm

The last thing i keep in my handbag a lip balm, especially as its winter and at this time of the year my lips seem to get dry very quickly. This lip balm is from EOS and is coconut scented, i find its really nourishing and leaves my lips feeling rehydrated. I also love the packaging and style of this lip balm as it circular rather than the usual shape.


What do you keep in your handbag? You can let me know in the comment section below i’d love to know!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xx


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