New Beauty Products!

Hello my lovelies, today I thought i’d talk about a couple of products i bought from The body shop recently as it’s one of my favourite places to shop for skin care and beauty products! I picked up a couple of products that i haven’t tried before as i thought it would be a good to test them out.

I bought a matte lipstick in the shade carnation, I loved the look of this lipstick when it was in the tube. This is the first lipstick that I’ve tried from the body shop and I’m really impressed with it. When i applied it the lipstick felt very smooth, the colour is vibrant and bright which is why i think it would be a good colour to use in the spring/summer time.


I really liked the feel of the lipstick and it gave a nice matte finish but I found that it wasn’t too drying which can sometimes be the case with matte lipsticks. I would normally stick to matte shades to play it safe, but instead i decided to jump out of my comfort zone and go for something that was a bit brighter and I’m glad i did.


I also decided to buy a shower gel as I really loved the scent, i have tried lots of different shower gels from the body shop before so i knew i was going to get my moneys worth. I wanted to try out the coconut shower gel because i thought the scent was lush! In the past i have used the coconut hand soap from this particular company and i really loved it as the scent was really strong and it lasted for quite a while. I’m excited to try this shower gel out as i know it will be good i just hope the scent will last well.


Have you bought anything new from  the body shop recently? what are your favourite products? Let me know in the comment section below!

Also happy valentines day everybody, I hope you’re all having a lovely day ❤

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe  xx



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