A Snow Day!


So I’m sure you’ve probably seen lots of other people talking about this random snow storm called ‘The Beast from the East”. While most the the UK had snow at the beginning of week week because i am in the south of course we had nothing, and i wasn’t expecting anything because of how normal it is for us not to have snow when everybody else in the country does!

Anyway by some miracle the wind had shifted and we actually got quite a lot of snow yesterday.  The reason why everyone makes so much fuss about snow in England is because we only get it every four years so we have to make the most of it ahah. I haven’t seen snow like this since I was 12 years old and back then it was so exciting i would go out with my friends and family and spend hours out on the hill sledging until i couldn’t feel my fingers and toes!

We decided to wait until it was properly snowing until we went out and then my mum and i took my dog for a walk which was lovely but absolutely freezing, I couldn’t take many pictures because it was snowing so i didn’t want take my big camera as it would’ve gotten wet. I did manage to take this photo on my phone though.


I’m now going to make a hot chocolate and then I think the rest of my day will consist of reading blogs, watching youtube, doing some college work and staying in the warm!

Have you had a snow day?

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Chloe xx

25 thoughts on “A Snow Day!

  1. Love the pics!! Hope you have fun in the snow 😊 I had loads of snow at the beginning of this week but since Thursday it’s started to ease off and we’ve been stuck with this nasty cold wind which was dropping temperatures to about -8°!! Xx

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  2. Great pictures! Love having snow, we had snow, but then got very icy and slippery! It’s great though, reminds me of when I as younger and we would have snow! I had work a bit yesterday but then stayed in the warm! Xx

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  3. Lovely photos, I love how magical the snow makes everything look. We didn’t get any snow until 2 days ago here in the midlands, we kind of missed out on the beast from the east and got hit by storm emma instead. Yesterday was my only proper snow day, I still managed to make it into work on the friday, and today the main roads seem clear enough to drive along but we’re still under at least 4 inches of snow on the fields and side roads.

    Emma x

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    1. awh thank you! yes it was, its pretty much all melted now which is quite sad but its nice to see the sun shining 🙂 We only got 3 days of snow but on the second day it got very icy so its was really dangerous so most of us stayed indoors x


  4. The weather has been crazy the last week! I definitely know that feeling of no snow, I used to live in Plymouth, South West and we only had it bad once!! My grandparents would always receive snow and we got nothing. This time around, the whole of the country has had snow, this was definitely a beast from the east! It’s all pretty much gone here now, it’s like it never happened, hope things are well and back to normal for you.

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com


  5. I kept seeing this beautiful snow day all over my Instagram when it happened (I follow a lot of British people) and it looked like so much fun! I especially liked all the pups playing in the snow!

    Thanks for sharing! x



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