This or That Challenge

Hello lovelies, i was challenged by the Life of Menta to do the This or That Challenge. I thought it looked interesting and had a read of her post and thought i would join in. I will be answering the same questions that were in her post, you can check it out here …. This or That challenge  The aim of the challenge is to answer the questions by choosing between two options, pretty simple.

Lets get started…

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening

This one is hard to pick between, if it is a week night i will shower in the evening as i don’t have much time in the mornings. If its a weekend then i will definitely shower in the morning as i’m normally not in any rush to be anywhere.

Question 2: City centre or close to nature

I love both of these things when your in the city everything is all go and there is a buzz constantly. I would have to go with close to nature as it’s where i’ve been brought up and i don’t think i could be in a city centre 24/7. I love walking out into the fields and along country tracks, i find it peaceful and gives you time to think.

Question 3: Bright colours or neutrals

I love bright colours, but i tend to play it safe with a lot of clothing. I am trying to wear more brightly coloured outfits as its summer time. I would go for bright colours, although neutrals is a safe bet.

Question 4: Spring or Autumn

This is such as tricky question! I love all of the seasons as they all give opportunity for different things. I think i would have to pick autumn as its such a cosy time of year, the cinnamon scented candles come out and you can cosy up in-front of the tv with a blanket!

Question 5: Mint or cinnamon

This question sort of stems off from the one before, i love mint as its really fresh as it wakes you up. Cinnamon is going to have to be a winner with this one as it is also a favourite of mine as its so warm and makes you feel really cosy in the winter months when its cold outside.

Question 6: Planned or spontaneous

I like to feel organised so i would probably go with planned, although being spontaneous is great at times.

Question 7: A movie at home or at the cinema

This is a hard one, watching movies at the cinema is great you get the big screen and sound effects, but i would have to go with at home because you can get cosy in bed or on a sofa and still eat popcorn and you don’t have to leave the house!

Question 8: Espresso or latte

I’m not that keen on coffee but i am trying to make myself like it, i would go with a latte as i imagine it would be a lot more weak than an espresso.

Question 9: Hugs or kisses

I would choose both if i could but i think i’ going to have to choose hugs as they can really change my mood if i’m not feeling great, they cheer me up.

Question 10: spicy or mild food

I do like spicy food but i can’t have anything too hot because i feel like it just ruins the meal because i can’t taste anything aha! I would go for mild food definitely.

Question 11: Leather or lace

I love the look of lace i think it’s really classy and feminine and i would say it suits me better than leather does so i would go for lace.

Question 12: Overdressed or underdressed

I think i would rather be underdressed than overdressed, i feel like it’s easier to blend in looking underdressed but if you’re all dressed up and none else is it’s going to be hard to not stand out aha.

Question 13: Adventure or comfort

I think adventure would be the one i would choose for this question, i love going out and exploring new areas and doing new things.

Question 14: Tv series or movie

I do love watching movies, but i think tv series have to be my favourite because they last so much longer!

Question 15: Rock or country music

I was brought up on pop and country music, i never really listen to rock so i would choose country.

Question 16: Red or white wine

I’m not a fan of red wine so this would be an easy choice, white wine.

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

I prefer working on my own, the reason being is that i like to be in control of things and when you work in a team you are dependant on others to work with you just as hard which doesn’t always happen.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

I love both of these things, but i would say swimming just beats sunbathing.

Question  19:  Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

As much as i like fast food, i would say a sit down restaurant would have to be my favourite. I love going out with family or my boyfriend for dinner.

Question  20: Matched or mismatched socks?

Definitely matched, i don’t think i could do mismatched socks it would just annoy me haha.

Question 21: Dancing or singing?

I love doing both, by no means am i good at any of them aha but i think i would say singing.

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

I think i would choose the internet, when i am at home i spend much more time on my laptop than i do my phone. I think you can do just as much with the internet as you can on your phone.

That’s all of the questions answered!

If you want to give this challenge a go, do it!

Im going to challenge a few bloggers to do this below, but don’t feel like you have to!

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Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx


35 thoughts on “This or That Challenge

  1. This was fun to read and you answered a lot of questions like I would! Especially #3 – I love bright colours too, but most of my wardrobe is comprised of black, white or navy lol. I’m trying to force myself out of my comfort zone but it is a work in progress! 🙂

    Sneha |

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