Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

Hello lovelies, recently I went on a little shopping trip and popped into Debenhams. I purchased the Goof Proof Brow Pencil I love the products benefit has to offer so read on to find out what I thought about this brow pencil!


I’ve been wanting to try out this product for quite a while now but I’ve just never thought about buying it. As I live so far away from shopping centres it’s hard to find the time to go, so when i saw the Benefit counter i immediately went over to it.

At first glance I loved that packaging and the aesthetic of the product as well as the box, it was neatly presented and on the actual product there isn’t too much going on as you can see from the picture. I really like the silver i think it stands out from anything I’ve got in my collection currently.


It was really good to see all of the products and be able to test them out rather than looking online and having to guess. A lovely lady helped me with the colour choice and put 2 different shades onto my brows, I tried out 2 and 3. I did like the look of number 2 but i thought it was a little too light for me as my hair is quite dark. We also looked at the shade 4 but i thought it looked far too dark for me, I’m not used to having bold brows so it was a different look.

I went with shade 3 becuase it’s more of a taupy colour, it’s not too light and not too dark and I think it goes well with my hair and complexion as I thought number 4 made me look a but washed out. It was quite a pricey product but I think it is worth the money as the quality is really good and i think it will last me quite a while.

The Gimme Brow product has a pencil at one end which you twist up and down to get more or less of the product, it is an angled pencil and is larger at one end so you can use the larger end for filling in the bulk of your brows and the smaller end can give you a more precise look for the end of the brows.



On the other end is a spoolie, I love that it comes with this because I think they are great and really useful when doing brows. I use the this end before putting the product in to get my brows into shape, then after I’ve applied the pencil I will go back through my brows with the spoolie to neaten it up and feather the product out. You can also use the it to make your brows look less harsh, if you feel you’ve put too much product in and they look a little too bold I just run the spoolie through and it will help to give you a more softer, natural looking brow.

I’ve been using the Gimme Brow pencil for about 2 weeks now and I’m loving it. The product stays in all day and gives me a natural look which is what I prefer. I would definitely recommend this product for it’s quality as it’s lovely.

What is your go to brow product? Have you tried the Gimme Brow pencil, what do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

March Favourites

Hello lovelies, today I’m going to be talking about the things that I’ve been loving throughout March and why. I can’t believe another month has flown by so quickly and we’re already in April, I feel like this year is going to go really fast!


Anyway onto the favourites, the first thing that I’ve been loving throughout March is my coconut hand cream by Palmers. Recently my hands have been getting really dry, I put a little bit of this cream on each day and it’s really helping my hands. It has quite a thick consistency but sinks into the skin rather fast so you don’t have oily hands for ages after applying it, you also only need to use a small amount of this cream as I find a little goes a long way. I loveee the scent of this as if you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll probably know that I’m obsessed with coconut! The great thing about this cream is that it’s quite small so I can bring it around with me and use it during the day, and it’s also really affordable.

The next thing I’ve been loving is the Bourjois Bronzer that I bought earlier in the month. I talked about it in my Mini beauty Haul, I’ve been using it daily since I got it. I love the subtle contour it gives and bronziness to the face without looking too muddy or orange. The smell of this is also incredible it smells really sweet and chocolatey, the packaging and deign of the bronzer is another plus I really like about it. This bronzer is a drugstore product so again it’s affordable and i would definitely recommend it as its lovely! As i am quite pale at the moment i find this great to use to give myself some colour and make me look a little more alive ahah. I would also love to try out a blusher as it’s not something i use currently, if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!


The P.S Insta Girl nail polish in the shade ‘like that’ is another favourite of mine this month, I picked this up in  Primark as i thought the colour looked lovely and really wearable because i like to have my nails painted but when I’m at college and work I prefer to have a more wearable colour on my nails. This polish was a really great price and it lasts pretty well considering how affordable it is, you can get away with only applying one coat as its pretty opaque but if I have more time I’ll add a second coat to make it look a little more polished. I wear this polish daily and it’s become my new favourite. Along with the nail side of things i have also been loving having shellac on my nails which is what i have currently, the shine never fades and this time i went for a glitter on 2 accent nails, I love the look of this! As it’s quite an expensive thing to keep up i only have them done as a treat, i got them done a few days ago as it’s the Easter Holidays. The last time i got shellac they lasted really well about 2 weeks, when I got them taken off my nails had grown really well and they were stronger so I will definitely carry on getting them!

The last favourite I have for March is the Primark eyebrow gel, I got this when i bought the nail polish a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it. My usual Rimmel brow gel had run out and I was looking for a new one so I picked this one up and it works really nicely, there is also a bit more product in this one compared with the Rimmel gel. It lasts all day on my brows and I can’t really fault it, if you are on a budget or you just want to try out something new I would definitely recommend this.


Let me know what your monthly favourites are in the comments or if you have used any of the products I’ve talked about and what you thought of them!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx



Mini Beauty Haul

Hello lovelies, today I thought I’d show you what I’ve purchased recently. I only picked up a few things but I am really enjoying using everything that I’ve bought!


First off I popped into Primark and my lovely boyfriend kindly bought me a lipstick and lip crayon that I liked the look of. The lipstick is a liquid and is from Primark’s Insta Girl range, I really love the colour of this, when its on the lips it’s slightly darker than it looks in the bottle but I’m okay with that. I do also really like the formula as its a satin finish, it’s not too sticky like some liquid lipsticks can be if they don’t dry matte. I love buying and trying out makeup from Primark because its so affordable and the product is a good quality.

I also bought a lip crayon because I’ve purchased one previously and I really liked the formula and how it looks on the lips, I went for this colour because I thought it was a wearable shade meaning I can wear it day to day. I like how matte this lip crayon is but it’s not drying like some matte lipsticks can be. I’ve tried layering this onto of my liquid lipstick and it gives a really nice ombre effect in the middle of the lips because its a slightly lighter colour and they go really well together! I would definitely recommend trying out the Primark beauty range as you can’t go wrong with the price and there are some lovely products 🙂

Top: Barry M lip liner in the shade, 5

Middle: Primark lip crayon in the shade, Mushroom

Bottom: Primark liquid lipstick in the shade, It Girl


The next shop i went to was Superdrug, i really wanted to find a bronzer that i could use as a more subtle contour as well as for bronzing because I don’t like it to be harsh looking or too dark. I went for the Bourjois bronzing powder in the shade 51 which is for lighter skin. I thought that the slight shimmer to it was a really nice touch as it will look good coming into spring and summer. The shade is lovely and it’s a really easier bronze to work with, it blends out very easily and doesn’t leave you with any harsh lines.

I also picked up a Lip Liner from Barry M i thought the shade looked lovely and i would be able to pair it with some of my lipsticks like Honeylove from Mac to give it more depth as it’s slightly darker. I like how this lipliner feels it doesn’t tug and your lips or hurt them like some eyeliners can do, but it’s not the creamiest liner in the world. I’ve also tried putting this all over my lips and then adding a lipgloss and it looks really nice. I would definitely recommend giving Barry M liners a go.

On the Barry M counter it was buy 1 get one half price and i have needed a new pencil sharpener for a long time so i decided to get one! I love the style of it because most pencil sharpeners are black so i thought the pop of pink is a really nice touch. It opens at both ends of the sharpener and their are two different sizes which is good. There is a clear case surrounding it which you open up either end to use. I thought this would be great if you were out and about or travelling because the case will help to keep the sharpener clean!

Superdrug is one of my favourite shops, I can’t go in there without buying something aha, what’s your favourite shop?

Thanks for reading, if you would like me to do a full review on any of these products let more know in the comments 🙂

Chloe xx


How I Store My Makeup Getting Organised!

Hello lovelies, today I wanted to talk to you about how I store my makeup. I am definitely no pro mua but I do love makeup and trying out new looks. Because I am fairly new to the world of makeup I haven’t got a huge collection like I have seen on other blogs or YouTube videos but I do have a small collection which I hope I can grow over time. I like to be quite minimalistic with my makeup and how I store it because I don’t like to have lots of clutter.


On the left hand  side of my desk there are two little jars, these are used to store any random bits and bobs that I use regularly like my tea tree oil and tweezers. I love how these look either side of my light which I got as a birthday present last year which I also think looks really cute when it’s all lit up! The rose gold colour of the jars is what I love most about them, I have a lot of rose gold dotted around which I find matches with my grey, pink and white colour scheme. I also love the way they are both shaped I think makes them look more unique and individual. I believe that they were sold to be used for tealight candles but I thought they would be perfect to sit on my desk for smaller bits and pieces that need a home!


In the middle of my desk is where my brushes live, most of which are real techniques but there are also some makeup revolution and other brushes hiding in there somewhere! I thought the colour and design of this pot was lovely and all of my makeup brushes fit in perfectly. I received this pot as a gift one Christmas, it makes it easier to reach for them as they are all in one place.


Next on my desk are my acrylic drawers. I bought these from Primark and they were a really good price (around £4). I had seen some online that looked pretty much identical for triple the price, so I was glad I found these! I keep some of my palettes and a few individual items in here because it helps to keep my desk tidy. By having these drawers it has made it easier for me to find things that would normally be in a makeup bag that I would have to dig through to find!  They are also quite a decent size so I am able to fit a few things into them like hair clips and grips as well as larger beauty products.


The last piece of storage on my desk is another acrylic tray that I also bought from Primark for around the same price. This tray has five different sections to it so it gives you a variety of different spaces to fit various items. At the back of this tray I have my eyeliner’s and mascaras, next to that I keep my concealers and eye primers as it is the deepest section of the tray and alongside this I keep my beauty sponges. To the right I keep lipsticks that I use the most (the others are in a makeup bag) as i think this is the perfect place to store them and it looks really cute!  The last section is where my foundation, eyebrow gels and lip balms live. I really love how this tray looks when it’s all filled up, I think it makes the area look neat as everything has a place but also I can keep part of my makeup collection on show.

The rest of my collection is kept one of my desk drawers I purchased from Ikea, in here is the makeup that I don’t use as often or they are too big to keep on top of my desk for example my eyeshadow pallets. I also have a pot which i use to store my liquid lipsticks in but i haven’t got a photo of it as it’s on a different shelf in my bedroom!

What kind of storage do you use for your beauty products? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx



My Everyday Beauty Products

Hello lovelies, today I wanted to talk to you about what beauty products i wear daily. As I am at college and work for most of the week I keep my makeup really simple. Depending on what my skin looks like that day I will decide whether to use a concealer or not. I will normally only wear foundation if I’m going out and because I find that my skin is in quite a good condition at the moment i choose not to wear foundation.

no 1.jpg

The first thing I do before I put my makeup on is moisturise, for this I use The Body Shop’s vitamin E moisture cream. I really like this moisturiser because it is light and it doesn’t take long to sink into my skin. I find that it makes my skin feel more rehydrated, as this cream is specifically made for people with drier skin its great for me because I do tend to have dryer skin rather than oily. I put this cream all over my face before I apply any of my makeup.

no 2.jpg

Next I comb through my eyebrows with a spoolie to get them shaped the way I want, and then I go through them with some brow gel. The reason I only use brow gel on my eyebrows is because in the feel I don’t feel like i need to fill them in. I really like this brow gel from Maybelline, it isn’t too sticky on my brows and i am able to shape them easily with the brush and they will normally stay put until the end of the day. I have gone through many of these brow gels!

no 3.jpg

The next thing I do is curl my lashes, I love this lash curler! One of my favourite colours at the moment is copper. I have quite short lashes and they are very straight so when i curl them it makes a huge difference, it makes my lashes look at lot longer as well as more curled. The mascara I am currently using is by Maybelline and its the Lash Sensational, I really like how much volume it gives my lashes and the colour is great because my lashes are fair I need a dark mascara to help define them.

no 5.jpg

Once I have done all of this I will apply some lip balm, I love to use EOS mint lip balm in the mornings because it feels very fresh and helps to wake me up!

What products do you use in your daily routine? let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

New Beauty Products!

Hello my lovelies, today I thought i’d talk about a couple of products i bought from The body shop recently as it’s one of my favourite places to shop for skin care and beauty products! I picked up a couple of products that i haven’t tried before as i thought it would be a good to test them out.

I bought a matte lipstick in the shade carnation, I loved the look of this lipstick when it was in the tube. This is the first lipstick that I’ve tried from the body shop and I’m really impressed with it. When i applied it the lipstick felt very smooth, the colour is vibrant and bright which is why i think it would be a good colour to use in the spring/summer time.


I really liked the feel of the lipstick and it gave a nice matte finish but I found that it wasn’t too drying which can sometimes be the case with matte lipsticks. I would normally stick to matte shades to play it safe, but instead i decided to jump out of my comfort zone and go for something that was a bit brighter and I’m glad i did.


I also decided to buy a shower gel as I really loved the scent, i have tried lots of different shower gels from the body shop before so i knew i was going to get my moneys worth. I wanted to try out the coconut shower gel because i thought the scent was lush! In the past i have used the coconut hand soap from this particular company and i really loved it as the scent was really strong and it lasted for quite a while. I’m excited to try this shower gel out as i know it will be good i just hope the scent will last well.


Have you bought anything new from  the body shop recently? what are your favourite products? Let me know in the comment section below!

Also happy valentines day everybody, I hope you’re all having a lovely day ❤

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe  xx



What’s in my handbag

I bought this handbag is from a brand called Fiorelli, i really like them as a brand becuase of the simplicity of their bags. I like to have a sturdy but classic handbag that i know will last a while but will not go out of fashion. I really love this particular bag and i think it can become a statement piece that you can put together with any outfit becuase of it rich colour and gold accents. I use this bag for when I’m going out and I don’t need to carry much as it isn’t very big.



The first thing in my bag is my purse, which i use daily.  The thing I like most about this purse is the gold accent it has across the opening, I think it makes the purse look more sleek.

Hand cream

This is definitely the best hand cream I have tried, it’s made by palmers and it’s a great size becuase it’s not too big so it fits into smaller bags easlily. I also adore the smell of this cream, this might have something to do with me being obsessed with coconut! It leaves my hands feeling really soft and doesn’t take too long to sink in.



The next thing i keep in my handbag has to be a mirror. This little mirror is great to throw into my handbag because its small (and also very cute) it was given to me by a friend as part of a birthday present and i believe it was bought from a little independent shop in a small town close to where i live. Its great to use for makeup touch ups if you’re about and about.



I always keep a pen and a notepad somewhere in my handbag, the reason being is that if I’m on the go and i need to jot something down quickly like a phone number or some information its easy and quick. I received this notepad at christmas and i love how pretty it looks when it catches the light. As this jotter is A6 its perfect to keep inside a handbag.


Lip balm

The last thing i keep in my handbag a lip balm, especially as its winter and at this time of the year my lips seem to get dry very quickly. This lip balm is from EOS and is coconut scented, i find its really nourishing and leaves my lips feeling rehydrated. I also love the packaging and style of this lip balm as it circular rather than the usual shape.


What do you keep in your handbag? You can let me know in the comment section below i’d love to know!

Thanks for reading 🙂 xx