June Favourites


Hello lovelies today i’m writing about my favourites throughout June, this month has seemed to fly by. I only have a few things to show you but I’ve been loving using them all. I hope you enjoy reading.


Zoella Sweet Inspirations

I love using this day to day because it’s not a super expensive perfume as its a spritz. I find the scent pay off is really good for the price you pay. I spray this on myself most days before i leave the house and i have been complimented on it a few times which is always nice! The scent of this spritz to me is very sweet, some may say its a bit sickly but i like it. It has a very almondy smell and i think it’s a nice scent to wear in the summer daily.

Vasaline Moisturiser

As the weather has been amazing in the uk throughout June I’ve been using lots of moisturiser on my legs. The thing i love about this one is that it’s in a spray can, this makes it really easy and fast to use and it sinks into the skin quickly after rubbing it in. The scent is also something i love about this moisturiser as it’s cocoa butter because of this ingredient it also makes the skin really smooth and moisturised.

Tiffany Necklace

For my birthday i received a Tiffany necklace from my mum and dad, I absolutely love it. The design and simplicity is what makes it perfect for me. I wanted something that looked classic and would go with anything i wear. I love that the pendant isn’t to big or too small, its just the right size and it sits just below my collar bone. As most of my jewellery is silver I asked for a silver necklace so i knew it would go well with what i already had. I’m so grateful for this and it’s something ill keep for the rest of my life.


Benefit Gimmie Brow

I’ve mentioned this product before as it’s fairly new. I’ve been loving using it throughout this month, its so convenient as its really easy to use and i normally leave my makeup to last the minute on a weekday so this is the perfect solution for when I’m running late. Another bonus is that the pencil is two sided, on the other side of the pencil is a spoolie i find these really useful when doing my brows, i find if I’m rushing i can sometimes make them too strong so i just use the spoolie to brush it out which fades it slightly.

Breaking Bad- Netflix

I know i’m very late to the bandwagon on this, but my boyfriend and i were looking for a new tv series to watch together and we both hadn’t seen this series yet. Obviously we had both been recommend it by other people so we can it a go.. I’m now hooked i think it’s a really easy series to get into.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx

My Top 5 Netflix Shows


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 21.37.32

Hello lovelies, I’ve really being enjoying all of these shows on Netflix currently and I wanted to share them with you, if you’re bored and are looking for a new show to check out definitely give these a go!


First on my list is Dynasty i loved this show one of the reasons being because it has two strong female leads. My boyfriend and I binge watched the whole of season one over a couple of days! we found that it was something both of us really enjoyed watching and there are new episodes out now that i can’t wait to watch! This first season was great, its a really enticing series that i would recommend to anyone who enjoys Drama and mystery.

Pretty Little Liars

I was a lot later to the PLL bandwagon but once I started I would binge watch it every nigh (i was hooked ahah). To be honest I did think it got rather confusing and quite hard to follow from the end of season 6 because there were so many different A’s popping up one after the other! But the first few seasons were amazing and I loved them, definitely worth watching  🙂


My mum recommended the series to me so I thought I’d try it out, and I thought it was great. It raises awareness of autism and what it can be like for someone who has it and their family. I found there was also a lot of comedy throughout the series which made it even better. The show focuses on Sam (the main character) with his journey of finding his first girlfriend and also follows his sister who is learning that she needs to become less protective over her brother to help him in his own life. I hope they’re making a second season!


I stubbled across this series and did know if I was going to like it because it was a historical drama, but i fell in love! I thought it was amazing  and I could really connect with the characters which made it even better for me. There are lots of strong female leads in this show which is great. It’s a really interesting series to watch as you get to learn all about what happened to Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth and the people in their lives at this time (1557 onwards) but it was made in such a great way so it was not boring but the complete opposite!


This has been one of my all-time favourite shows for a number of years and I can watch all of the seasons over and over again (i don’t think i’ll ever get bored of it). It’s a British sitcom and I think it’s a great show to watch if you want a light-hearted watch and it’s not hard to follow it never fails to make me laugh. I like to use it as background noise sometimes whilst I’m doing work or if I just feel like watching something good that I don’t have to pay too much attention to and will still know what’s going on. I would definitely recommend giving it a watch, there are 5 seasons on Netflix and a few Christmas specials.

What are your current Netflix faves? Let me know in the comments so i can check them out!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx