Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hello lovelies, today I wanted to talk to you about my night-time skin care routine and what products I use.


To start my night time routine i use either the Body shop vitamin E cream cleanser or my Derma V10 Micellar cleansing water and some cotton pads, both of these work really well and they don’t irritate my skin at all which is great. Both of these products are really nice to use but if you are not a fan of having scented products around your eyes I would say to go for the micellar water because it’s not perfumed. I have recently purchased the Liz Earl cleanse and polish I really love how it makes my skin feel after I use it but I am not a big fan of how the product smells I am going to have a try it a few more time before I can say whether I would use it over my other cleansers.


After I’ve removed my makeup I have two different facial washes that I use, Clearasil is a really gentle face wash that leaves my skin feeling really smooth and soft and I like it because it not perfumed, it’s also very affordable and you can buy it in most drugstores and supermarkets. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E gentle facial wash is something I like to use because it makes my skin feel really clean and fresh and it has a lovely scent that’s not too powerful. I like to alternate between the two of these.


If you have read my previous posts you will know I love  The Body Shop’s Vitamin E moisture cream. I like to use this moisturiser because it is light and it doesn’t take too long to sink into my skin. I find that it makes my skin feel more rehydrated in the morning if I put it on before I go to sleep because I do tend to have quite dry skin so this moisturiser helps.


If I have had a pamper evening that night or I feel like I want to be relaxed I will put some lavender or rose balm on both of my wrists at my pulse points. I find that this helps me to go to sleep because the smells relax me and make me feel more calm. I like to use a lip balm in my night-time skin care routine especially because it’s still cold outside as it helps to keep my lips hydrated and moisturised.

What skincare products do you use in your night-time routine?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx


My Everyday Beauty Products

Hello lovelies, today I wanted to talk to you about what beauty products i wear daily. As I am at college and work for most of the week I keep my makeup really simple. Depending on what my skin looks like that day I will decide whether to use a concealer or not. I will normally only wear foundation if I’m going out and because I find that my skin is in quite a good condition at the moment i choose not to wear foundation.

no 1.jpg

The first thing I do before I put my makeup on is moisturise, for this I use The Body Shop’s vitamin E moisture cream. I really like this moisturiser because it is light and it doesn’t take long to sink into my skin. I find that it makes my skin feel more rehydrated, as this cream is specifically made for people with drier skin its great for me because I do tend to have dryer skin rather than oily. I put this cream all over my face before I apply any of my makeup.

no 2.jpg

Next I comb through my eyebrows with a spoolie to get them shaped the way I want, and then I go through them with some brow gel. The reason I only use brow gel on my eyebrows is because in the feel I don’t feel like i need to fill them in. I really like this brow gel from Maybelline, it isn’t too sticky on my brows and i am able to shape them easily with the brush and they will normally stay put until the end of the day. I have gone through many of these brow gels!

no 3.jpg

The next thing I do is curl my lashes, I love this lash curler! One of my favourite colours at the moment is copper. I have quite short lashes and they are very straight so when i curl them it makes a huge difference, it makes my lashes look at lot longer as well as more curled. The mascara I am currently using is by Maybelline and its the Lash Sensational, I really like how much volume it gives my lashes and the colour is great because my lashes are fair I need a dark mascara to help define them.

no 5.jpg

Once I have done all of this I will apply some lip balm, I love to use EOS mint lip balm in the mornings because it feels very fresh and helps to wake me up!

What products do you use in your daily routine? let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Chloe xx